Trance Labels

5 trance labels that will listen to your submissions.

These trance labels have made a huge impact on the electronic scene, but they’re still up-and-coming. Your chance at being heard, signed, marketed and promoted is high, and you don’t need to compete in talent pools. They’re established, they can advance (or start) your career. Don’t forget that quality is always important. Your tracks don’t necessarily need to be mastered, just make sure the mix is good so they can visualize the end result. Check them out, go for it and get signed!

Note: these labels are fully committed to trance. They listen to and sign any sub genre of trance.


FLASHOVER RECORDINGS ¬†– This well established trance label has highly anticipated releases from the likes of Ferry Corsten, Coburn and Dave Walker. They have sub labels attached to their brand, and they’re not too big to be overwhelmed with demo submissions.

Facebook like count: 36000+

Youtube subscriber count: 42000+


SUPERSTAR RECORDINGS – This smaller label packs a punch and has tracks that have been supported by top DJs/producers around the globe. They’ve been taking off, yet are not too big to ignore track submissions.

Facebook like count: 7000+

Youtube subscriber count: 1400+


PULSIVE MEDIA – This German music company/label is always looking for new tracks to sign. They’ve made a big impact in the music industry since the turn of the millennium.

Facebook like count: 29000+

Youtube subscriber count: 8000+



TOKA BEATZ РThis label is owned, directed and lead by German hairstyle trance artist Torsten Katzschner. This label is one to watch out for, as they have released many hard-hitting tracks that have made an impact.

Facebook like count: 4000+

Youtube subscriber count: 10000+


EUPHONIC – Euphonic records has been around for a while and have set their sights on becoming one of the biggest trance labels around. Releases include Kyau and Albert, Armin Van Buuren (before Armada) and Above and Beyond. Check them out!

Facebook like count: 11000+

Youtube subscriber count: 2000+