Future Bass Labels

5 future bass labels that will listen to your track

We’ve comprised a list of five future bass labels that will listen to your track. They’re considered up-and-coming but have still established themselves well in the music industry. They will give you an outlet to share your music, will promote and market you well and remain committed to you as an artist. Check them out, submit a track and get signed! Always remember that quality of music is most important. Your tracks don’t necessarily need to be mastered, just work on your mixing so A&R can visualize the end result.


NEVER SLEPT – This Australia-based label has been making waves in the music industry. They have released tracks that have been supported by top DJs and producers. They’re small enough to listen to every submission they receive, yet promote you well as an artist.

Facebook like count: 1000+


BITBIRD RECORDS – Bitbird is an independent label from The Netherlands crushing every thing in the short life they’ve had. This is definitely a label to be on bored with early. They have done so much, and have an amazing marketing team to build you as an artist and promote your tracks.

Facebook like count: 14000+



ROOFTOPS HORIZON – Rooftops has given many young artists just starting out a window to release their tracks. They have many releases to their name, and are still going strong. Definitely a label you need to check out.

Facebook like count: 3000+



HYPERBOLOID – This Russian label has been turning heads with their tracks. They have a foothold on the future bass scene, and have been around long enough to know how to promote, market and release a track to it’s fullest extent. They are always looking for the next artist and pay no attention to the fact that you may be just starting out, as long as it’s quality music.

Facebook like count: 7000+




DIE HIGH RECORDS – Die High is unique, because they don’t only produce future bass, but that’s what they’re known for. This fast up-and-coming label is definitely one that you want to check out to possibly release your tracks. They have been proven to run with bigger future bass labels, and can give you a window to build a reputation as an artist.

Facebook like count: 7000+

No main website, so here’s a social page:¬†https://www.facebook.com/diehighrec/